A trusted resource connecting employers and employees in the Calgary area, Employer Hub has been re-designed and now incorporates a variety of innovative and intuitive features to help employers and job seekers find their perfect match. If you’re in the job market in the Calgary area, Employer Hub should be your first stop for all things job related.

Let’s take an inside look at the new features Employer Hub is rolling out for its re-launch:

  • Automated Job Posting Alerts for Job Seekers

Never miss out on an opportunity again with our new job alerts. Job seekers can create targeted search results for job opportunities that match certain criteria and have these results routed to their email so when they see a good fit, they can be one of the first applicants. 

  • Internal Messaging System

To make the process more seamless between employers and jobseekers, Employer Hub now features an integrated messaging system on the platform. Employers will be able to instantly connect and chat with the right candidates, because moving fast in the job market can make all the difference.

  • Saving Multiple Resumes to a Jobseeker Profile

Sending in a generic resume to every company isn’t a tactic that works in this day and age. To make it easier for jobseekers to use their tailor-made resumes, they can now upload multiple resumes to their profile and choose the best version to send to employers based upon the job description.

  • Candidate Suggestions for Job Posters

Our new smart suggestion tool searches through candidates’ skills and qualifications and provides matches based on the job posting. This will reduce the time employers spend sifting through resumes and allow them to reinvest that time into pursuing qualified candidates.

  • No-cost Tool

The best part about Employer Hub? It’s completely free to jobseekers and job posters. It sounds almost too good to be true, but as a non-profit our goal is to create a better Calgary by helping people find the right opportunities, and it all comes at no cost to the user.

  • Simple Navigation

Our new and improved website has never been easier to navigate. With designated links for both job seekers and job posters, veterans and newbies to the site will be able to quickly pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for.

We are excited to re-launch Employer Hub and help people find success. Start building a brighter future for yourself today—visit Employer Hub!