Business managers plan ahead, to stay competitive, to adapt to demands and to compete in industry. These business plans are of no use if a workforce plan is not designed along side. The business plan will be on going, a work in progress and so will the workforce plan. As a business plan is developing, an analysis needs to be conducted to establish the skills, qualifications, experiences and attributes of the individuals in the workforce to implement this plan. How many people? When will they be needed? For how long and at what cost? This plan also needs to be monitored, assessed and revised as a work in progress in order to act and react quickly to the changing demands of an organisation. Skills gaps may occur, job retention may be an issue. The workforce plan needs to be flexible enough to adjust to these needs.

Implement the multi culture in your workforce

The best way for an organisation to understand the world outside their own organisation is to have a workforce that is a representative sample. In a multicultural country such as Canada where the majority of the population are 1st 2nd 3rd generation immigrants. An employer of choice with a diverse workforce has many more advantages than an organisation with an unrepresentative sample. An eclectic multi cultural workforce brings together a very powerful mix of views, preferences, wants and needs. They are much more able to understand their customers, clients, those people outside their organisation. This understanding transfers into being able to anticipate needs, offer services and products that a homogenous company who may struggle to anticipate. A multi cultural company, where the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts, synergy. Where its eclectic mix is its strengt

Define your Recruiting Strategy

Most organisations will have a number of short term and long term business plans running simultaniously and they need a workforce to deliver. By identifying individual roles, developing a more detailed job / person specification to identify the key skills, qualifications and experience. Using creative initiative the HR Department then needs to carry out their research to identify where these people are, how can they be found? Some may be in the workforce already. Some may be abroad willing to re-locate. However, a very rich source of fresh workers with the skills, experience and qualities essential for the success of the business plan may be on the doorstep; here in Calgary. Many new immigrants here in Calgary highly qualified and experienced, waiting to bring what they have to offer to the workforce

Use our free services to fill your needs

We at CCIS have access to all these talented individuals who have brought a wide variety of international experience, skills and qualifications. These individuals have already shown adaptability they have travelled contintents to seek a better life. They have shown determination to succeed and most importantly they are here, qualified, willing and able.

Access our database any time from any where

As an employer looking to recruit and extend your workforce you will have access to our database of qualified and experienced individuals to match your workforce needs. This service is free to everyone, you do not need to pay a fee or commission for our services. Our aim is to enable you to make a connection with the right employee

Find the Pre-screened Candidates by our employment counsellors

The individuals on our data base have been pre-screened by our qualified Employment Counsellors who are skilled and have up to date knowledge of the Calgary Market.

Contact us if you are planning to have Job Fairs, Workshops or Customized Training for your workforce and we can assist.

At CCIS we have a number of training programs and workshops that can be customized to the needs of employers. We can prepare immigrants for the Canadian Workplace Culture, offer ESL Training and arrange necessary safety certificate and hands on training in a variety of different fields. The workshops and training programs can be customized for any kind of workplace utilising a number of specialist staff at CCIS.