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March 28, 2019

Dress for Success

What to wear for an interview. Jeans and T-shirt? Athletic clothing? Suit? You might be right, you might be wrong it depends on what the interview is for. You only get one chance of making a first impression and this first impression is formed in the first moments of your interview. Where an interview will form an impression, make a swift judgement in the first few moments and then following that moment any information, what
When choosing an effective referee can be critical. If the referee is called unexpectedly and has not been briefed about the job requirements you may not get the reference that you would like or will secure the job for you. References are the final stage in the selection process. You already have the job you just need to keep it. Be selective when choosing a referee. Try where possible to choose someone from the same

March 28, 2019

Resume Writing

Resume Writing Your resume is key to accessing an employer. A good resume will market you with a positive profile and will be attractive to employers. Employers, or in large organisations recruiters may see hundreds of resumes and in very large organisations they do not see them all. As a method of screening large organisations may use computer software that scans resumes for keywords and phrases that have been preselected. So if you do not
Business managers plan ahead, to stay competitive, to adapt to demands and to compete in industry. These business plans are of no use if a workforce plan is not designed along side. The business plan will be on going, a work in progress and so will the workforce plan. As a business plan is developing, an analysis needs to be conducted to establish the skills, qualifications, experiences and attributes of the individuals in the workforce